what kind of silicone is used for sex toys

1. Introduction

Sex toys are an increasingly popular way to enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, but one of the most popular materials used in sex toys is silicone. Silicone is a durable, flexible material that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. In this article, we will discuss what kind of silicone is used for sex toys, the benefits of using silicone, different types of silicone available for sex toys, quality control measures for silicone sex toys and how to choose the right silicone for your sex toy.

2. What is Silicone?

Silicone is a synthetic polymer made up of silicon, oxygen and other elements such as carbon and hydrogen. It has a wide range of applications due to its durability and flexibility, including use in medical implants, cookware and electronics components. It has become increasingly popular in the manufacture of sex toys due to its non-toxic nature and ease of cleaning.

3. Benefits of Silicone in Sex Toys

The main benefit of using silicone in sex toys is that it is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. This means it won’t cause any irritation or allergic reactions when used on sensitive areas like the genitals or anus. It also has a smooth texture which makes it comfortable to use for extended periods of time without causing any discomfort or irritation. Silicone also retains heat well so it can be warmed up before use if desired.

Silicone is also very durable so it won’t tear or break easily even with frequent use over time. It’s also very easy to clean as it can be washed with soap and water or sterilized with boiling water without any damage being done to the material itself.

4. Different Types of Silicone Used for Sex Toys

There are two main types of silicone used in sex toy manufacturing: medical grade silicone and food grade silicone (also known as platinum cured). Medical grade silicone has been tested extensively by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) for safety purposes while food grade silicone has not been tested by the FDA but still meets safety standards set by organizations like NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation). Both types are considered safe for use in making sex toys but medical grade silicone tends to be more expensive than food grade due to its higher quality standards set by the FDA testing process.

5 Quality Control of Silicone Sex Toys

When shopping for a new sex toy made from silicone make sure you look out for quality control measures that have been taken by the manufacturer such as independent lab testing results or certification from organizations like NSF International or UL (Underwriters Laboratories). This will ensure that you are getting a safe product that has been manufactured according to industry standards. Additionally, look out for signs that indicate poor quality such as discoloration on the surface or strange odors coming from the product which could indicate contamination with chemical agents during production processes such as molding or curing processes.

6 How to Choose the Right Silicone for Your Sex Toy

When choosing a new sex toy made from silicone there are several factors you should consider such as size, shape, color, texture and firmness/flexibility level desired based on personal preference as well as budget constraints if applicable. Additionally make sure you check out reviews from other customers who have purchased similar products before making your purchase decision so you can get an idea about how well they perform in real life scenarios before investing your money into them yourself!

7 Care and Maintenance of Silicone Sex Toys

Once you have chosen your new silky smooth friend proper care must be taken in order to ensure its longevity! Make sure you wash your toy after each use with warm water & mild soap (avoid harsh chemicals) then dry thoroughly before storing away! Additionally if possible store each individual toy separately from other items such as lubes/oils etc…to prevent cross contamination & increase longevity! If battery operated make sure batteries are removed when not in use & never submerge any battery operated items under water!

8 Conclusion

In conclusion choosing a high-quality silicon based sex toy can provide many years’ worth pleasure when properly cared for & maintained! With all this information now at hand we hope you feel confident enough when browsing through those naughty shops online/offline knowing exactly what type & quality silicon based products will best suit your needs!