when were sex toys made

When Were Sex Toys Made?


Sex toys have been around in some form or another for centuries, with evidence of their existence dating back to ancient times. Despite the fact that sex toys are often seen as a modern invention, they have actually been used since ancient times. In this article, we will explore when sex toys were made and how they have evolved over time.

Historical Context of Sex Toys

The history of sex toys is closely intertwined with the history of human sexuality. Throughout history, humans have experimented with different ways to enhance their sexual experiences and pleasure. From the earliest recorded civilizations to modern day, humans have sought out new ways to experience sexual pleasure and intimacy.

Ancient Sex Toys

The earliest evidence of sex toys dates back to ancient Egypt, where phallic-shaped objects were found in tombs and other archaeological sites. These objects were believed to be used for masturbation or as part of fertility rituals. Other ancient cultures such as the Greeks and Romans also created objects that could be used for sexual pleasure, such as leather dildos and wooden phalluses.

Medieval Sex Toys

During the Middle Ages, there was less openness about sexuality than in previous centuries. However, there is evidence that people still used various objects for sexual pleasure during this period. These included items made from animal parts such as horns, antlers and tusks as well as leather objects shaped like penises or vaginas.

Renaissance Sex Toys

During the Renaissance period (14th-17th centuries), there was a greater openness about sexuality than in previous centuries. This led to an increased interest in sex toys and experimentation with different materials such as glass, metal and porcelain for creating them. During this period, some of the more popular sex toys included dildos made from ivory or wood and vibrators powered by clockwork mechanisms.

Victorian Era Sex Toys

In the Victorian era (19th century), sex toys became more widely available due to advances in manufacturing techniques and improved transportation networks which allowed them to be sold across Europe and America. During this period, many types of vibrators were invented including battery-powered ones which could be used discreetly at home without anyone knowing what they were being used for!

Modern Day Sex Toys

Today’s sex toy market is much more diverse than ever before with a wide range of products available from online stores or physical retailers around the world. In recent years there has been an explosion in popularity of high-tech sex toys such as interactive apps which can be controlled remotely via smartphones or tablets!


It is clear that throughout history humans have sought out ways to enhance their sexual experiences through the use of various tools and devices – from ancient phallic-shaped objects all the way up to today’s sophisticated interactive apps! While it may not always be clear when exactly these items were first created, it is certain that they have been around since antiquity!

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